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EasyFOI's AI-powered PFD database stores key information from Regulation 28 Prevention of Future Death reports in easy-to-use CSVs.

It uses artificial intelligence to extract and summarise complex and emotive information from all reports published from January 2023 onwards. This means you don't need to read through each PFD in detail to find what you're looking for, saving you time and reducing the emotional burden of analysing these documents.

The database also includes metadata from historic reports dating back to 2013. But it doesn't hold AI-extracted data, summaries or report text for these entries. We're still working on that!

You can interrogate EasyFOI's PFD data as you would any other spreadsheet. Create visualisations, spot trends and use pivot tables to understand the data with Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc or any other spreadsheet sofware.

It's already being used by journalists and researchers. It's broken exclusive news stories like this one.

Get the latest version as a CSV for £149. Or subscribe for three months of PFD updates for £189.

If you subscribe, EasyFOI will send you an updated version of the database shortly after new reports are released on

At the moment, EasyFOI extracts values such as age at death, circumstances of death and the reasons coroners felt the need to issue a PFD from new reports. If you have any suggestions for other data to extract, get in touch.

Here's a preview of the data. It contains the 5 most recent results. Scroll to read everything:

Subscribers get an updated database by email shortly after is updated.


Although EasyFOI uses a cutting-edge artificial intelligence model to summarise data from PFD reports, it still sometimes makes mistakes, misunderstands information, or presents it in an insensitive manner.

For this reason, it's best to use the database as a high-level overview of recent PFD reports. Once you've found the reports that are relevant to you, make sure to check the documents themselves before you use them in your own research or reporting. EasyFOI and its founder are not liable for any inaccuracies contained in the database, nor how it is used by customers.

Before you use the database, please bear in mind its contents are sensitive and often emotive. The reports concern real people and their families.

If you're a journalist, please take a look at the guidelines for reporting on suicide published by the Samaritans and the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

You can find more detailed guideline links on EasyFOI's FAQ page

Have some feedback? Get in touch at [email protected].

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