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Journalists, researchers and policymakers use EasyFOI to send bulk freedom of information requests and track Prevention of Future Death reports

Want to send bulk FOI requests?

Select the kinds of organisations you want to FOI below, and EasyFOI will copy their email addresses straight to your clipboard. The database has most police departments, hospital trusts, local authorities, fire services, government departments, universities, public corporations, agencies and high profile groups. But it's not yet comprehensive.

Get one-day access to the EasyFOI email database for £4.

Making regular FOI requests? Subscribe for £16 per month.

EasyFOI will email you a license key you'll be prompted to enter below once you've made your selection.

Want to access the EasyFOI database from your own Gmail account?

Buy a Gmail-optimised version of the latest database for £119 and you can import more than 1,000 FOI email addresses into your Google Contacts, pre-sorted into themes and types of organisation.

With this, you can input whole categories of organisation into the address line of an email with just a few keywords. Step-by-step instructions are included!

What kind of organisations do you want to FOI?

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This license key is invalid. Please try again or buy a new one.
It's £4 for one-day access or £16 for a monthly pass.

It's best to paste your selection into the BCC line of the email you want to send.

Email providers tend to restrict the number of recipients you can reach in one email, so make sure you're not over the limit before you click 'send'!


Although it contains more than 1,000 listings, the EasyFOI database is not yet comprehensive! Tell us if you notice something missing or out of date and I'll update it as soon as I can.

The database does not contain schools because there are tens of thousands of them in the U.K. and it would be impossible to send a bulk email them all.

NHS trusts often provide a combination of acute, mental health, community and specialised services. EasyFOI's trust categorisations aren't perfect yet, so you may prefer to check all those options for a thorough request.

Three integrated care boards — NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria and NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire — all use the same email address to receive FOIs. Please bear this in mind as your email will only be sent once. EasyFOI has asked for dedicated inboxes to be set up.

The National Archives, a non-ministerial government department, uses an FOI contact form and does not advertise a dedicated email address. EasyFOI has asked for the relevant address.

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange doesn't advertise any contact details publicly, let alone an FOI address. EasyFOI is trying to get in touch with this organisation.

For more information about how this address compiler works, check out the FAQ page!

Have some feedback? Get in touch at [email protected].

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